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In addition to superior quality physical therapy, we provide exceptional accessories and equipment for both the general public and our patients. Some of the popular products that we highly recommend are:

  • Gymballs: used for core stabilization exercises. A fun way to strengthen axial core muscles. Very popular with back patients!
  • Foam Roller: used for stabilization, balance, postural re-education and self-mobilization techniques.
  • Theraband: used for strengthening, Theraband can be taken anywhere and is available in different resistances.
  • Cold Packs: available in three different sizes. They are refreezable and last for years!
Other available products include: back and neck supports, pillows, tape kits, rib mobilizers, seat wedges, and books.

These products provide an excellent way to keep your body in good shape in between your physical therapy sessions.

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